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liberate your imagination

liberate your imagination

counselling hypnotherapy : from a feminist perspective


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i’m sarah kathleen wilson, a Registered Social Worker and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

as a feminist therapist, i specialize in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and hypnosis to support folks living with a range of conditions including anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and body-focused repetitive behaviours (things like dermatillomania, trichitillomania, and bruxism). i also work with clients who experience chronic pain and chronic ilness including chronic fatigue, auto-immune disorders and long-COVID.

i bring lived experience as a person who identifies as neuroqueer and a disability-justice lens to my work with folks who are neurodivergent, including autistic folks and ADHD’ers.

i also offer pre-natal hypnosis to pregnant folks of all genders and family configurations.

what this means for therapy is that we’ll spend a lot of time together learning and practising new tools and skills that you can immediately apply in your daily life. my hope is for you to leave therapy feeling resilient and resourced to handle the inevitable stress that comes with life under late-stage capitalism. 

this often involves a great deal of grief work and an exploration of what it means to live in ways that are aligned with our values while navigating collapse times. it’s important to me that we hold space for the both/and: clarifying the practical things can be done right now, while holding space for the parts that don’t have clear answers or easy solutions.

i am currently accepting new clients for fall 2022. if you think we might be a good fit for working together please send me an email using the contact form on this page so we can set up a consultation.


questions? curious about how we can work together?

use this contact form, or send me an email to get in touch. please note that i usually respond to emails within 3-4 days.