1:1 therapy

as a clinical counselling hypnotherapist and registered social worker, i specialize in the following areas. please click each one to learn more

  • pre-natal hypnosis

    look forward to your due date with confidence

  • compulsive behaviours

    reduce unwanted behaviours and develop mindfulness practices for coping with stress

  • emotional concerns

    anxiety and panic attacks, depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, eco-grief and overwhelm

  • physical concerns

    chronic pain, sleep disturbances and insominia, preparation for and recovery from medical procedures

  • grief & loss

    cumulative grief, support after a substance use passing

  • psychedelic integration

    recover the lessons from altered states of consciousness

hypno therapy

can support you in facing almost all of life's challenges. more than just listening to suggestions, hypnotherapy is an approach to therapy that empowers clients to work through and process emotional blocks, understand the subconscious reasons for their behaviour, and create lasting behavioural changes.

if you have been feeling stuck, as though you know exactly what you need to change in your life but your usual strategies don't seem to be working, hypnotherapy can help. in addition to the work you do while in hypnosis, you will also learn new mindfulness tools and strategies, creating powerful practices that you may continue to use on your own. book a complimentary 30 minute consultation to find out how i can support you in improving your well-being.
hypno  therapy

hi, i'm sarah

i am an artist, healer, and community organizer. i provide spaces for individuals to unlock the power of their imagination in service of individual and collective healing. please click on my photo to learn more about me and my approach to therapy.



news and updates on my practice and process, reflections on my work in community

  • december 2019: new space + expanded hours

    i am thrilled to share that as of december 1, 2019 i will be moving into my own office space at evergreen business centre, conveniently located at 550 – 2950 douglas street. this fully accessible space is easily reached by bus, and there is free parking in the lot which can be entered from both […]

  • FAQ: pre-natal hypnosis

    part i thank you to everyone who submitted questions, there’s so much to cover that i’ve decided to break this up into 3 separate posts. this one will answer most of the logistical questions, the second post will focus on pre-natal bonding, and the final post will be devoted entirely to how trauma can impact […]