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creatives & healers

let this be a soft place for you to land

my vision

my dream is to live in a world where carework is recognized as the essential, culture-building practice we know it to be. where careworkers are recongized, celebrated, and compensated for their work.

My Approach is

experiential  embodied  intuitive

how’s your heart doing these days? 

if you’re like me, you’ve been tracking and attending to the shifts happening in our world for awhile

if i had to guess, i’d imagine that you might be feeling a sense of disconnection. perhaps something within you feels a bit restless and unsettled. or maybe you’re not feeling much at all, maybe there’s an emptiness arising from burnout or the numbness of compassion fatigue.

i imagine you’re probably wading through the tides of grief.

i know how overwhelming it can seem to try to tend to ourselves while the demands on us are never-ending. when there is just so much to do and so little support for us careworkers.

and yet, i know you’ve arrived in this work because it aligned with your values. because there’s at least a part of you that can sense that maybe, it doesn’t have to be this way.



i’m so glad you’re here

a collage photo of sarah. she is in front of a pink moon and surrounded by calendula and rose flowers, ferns, and hathorn berries

i'm sarah, a mentor and therapist

i  support careworkers, creatives, and healers who want to expand their practices without abandoning their values.

instead, i teach you how to implement embodied rhythms and intuitive rituals so you can stay grounded and present in your work. and, we’ll work together to liberate your imagination from the limits placed on it by a society that tells us that carework isn’t the culture-shifting practice we know it to be.

this way, you don’t feel isolated and overwhelmed because you envision yourself within a wider story and sense the ways your struggles are intimately connected to our collective experience.

let’s create something together.

here’s how we can work together


an opportunity to get my clinical expertise on a specific issue that’s come up in the course of your work. these are some of my specialties:


feminist, anti-oppressive practices


complex and disenfranchised grief


impulse control disorders, BFRBs


trauma-sensitive trancework


a deeper, long-term container in which to explore your relationship to carework. some things we might explore in our time together:



attachment to the healer archetype and identity


routines and rituals to address burnout and compassion fatigue


somatic skills to expand our capacity

1:1 Therapy

in person and online. trauma-informed, attachment lens, experiential and embodied practices. i am skilled in the following areas:


grief and loss


neurodivergence, particularly autism and OCD


anxiety and overwhelm


disability and chronic illness

join me on Insight Timer where i share guided meditations. the app is free to use with the option to leave a donation if you find a resource or recording particularly helpful.



ready to get started? contact me to book a complimentary discovery call.


The Queer Care Collective
888 Fort Street, 2nd Floor
Victoria, BC V8G 1H8

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