counselling hypnotherapy
sarah kathleen wilson

About Me

i hold a bachelor’s degree in social work from the university of calgary. i have am registered with the BC College of Social Workers, which requires me to complete 40 hours per year of ongoing professional development, training, and education. i have nearly fifteen years of experience working front-line positions in various non profit settings, including as an outreach worker, residential support worker, and programs director. this experience has shaped my work as a therapist; allowing me to take a trauma-informed, feminist approach that is guided by principles of disability justice. i have additional training in Acceptance and Committment Therapy, a third-wave , mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

my approach to therapy

i take a feminist approach to therapy, which means our work together will be larger than focusing on “you” as an individual separate from your environment. we will examine the ways you interact with the world, and the structural forces that impact you may be explored as well. while more traditional approaches to therapy may only look at altering your behaviour or thoughts (cognition), a social justice or feminist approach to therapy understands the individual in relationship to their environment and recognizes that cultural and structural forces significantly impact our well-being.  a feminist approach to therapy is also unique in that it seeks to name and work with power imbalances; as a feminist therapist i am constantly working to be aware of my privilege and how this can impact the client-therapist relationship. i work best with clients who desire to take an active role in their healing and are interested in utilizing trance states and meditation and creating regular practices for personal and community care.