i’m a queer healer, artist, and community organizer

  • i have been making art for as long as i remember. It’s not optional, and i’d say it’s intrinsic to my ability to survive in a difficult world. you can purchase my artwork and prints on this site, as well as on society6
  • i have a bachelor’s degree in social work; while i was in university i worked three jobs: as a research assistant in the sociology department, providing home care to adults with disabilities, and facilitating groups in a treatment centre
  • when i first moved to victoria in 2008 i attended the vancouver island school of art, but dropped out before completing my certificate. i also taught art to children as a teaching assistant with the artsreach program
  • over the last decade i have held the title of outreach worker, residential support worker, harm reduction worker, and programs director, while participating in decentralized community organizing and activist campaigns 
  • i live with ptsd that is the result of many interconnected factors, but is primarily due to a freak accident that occurred in 2012. i am currently dealing with the impacts of cumulative grief, and engage in various healing practices as often as possible
  • as a member of the plur collective i have co-created over 10 events for our local queer community, and raised over $4500 (most of the money we’ve raised has been to create travel scholarships for positive youth attending youth unleashing power, and we have also donated to the rainbow refugee society) 
  • i am most proud of being involved in the co-creation of canada’s first, and still only, national, multi-day peer-led event for hiv and hcv positive young adults, youth unleashing power

i believe you already have everything within you that you need to heal.

i want you to feel empowered and resilient. I want you to experience the powerful transformation that we can experience when we enter a space where we can authentically be ourselves.

i want you to learn, i want you to grow, i want you to be resilient. I believe our society, and life as we know it, is on the threshold of an incredible transformation.

i want us to be ready.

my approach to therapy

i take a feminist approach to therapy, which means our work together will be larger than focusing on “you” as an individual separate from your environment. we will examine the ways you interact with the world, and the structural forces that impact you may be explored as well. while more traditional approaches to therapy may only look at altering your behaviour or thoughts (cognition), a social justice or feminist approach to therapy understands the individual in relationship to their environment and recognizes that there are social determinants of health.

a feminist approach to therapy is also unique in that it seeks to name and work with power imbalances; as a feminist therapist i am constantly working to be aware of my privilege and how this can impact the client-therapist relationship. this approach to therapy also allows for and acknowledges dual relationships, which are sort of inevitable in a city as small as victoria, and utilizes self-disclosure and storytelling more than traditional approaches.

i work best with clients who desire to take an active role in their healing and are interested in utilizing trance states and meditation to create regular practices for self care. i will often provide you with resources or exercises you can complete at home, as well as encourage you to find creative practices or engage in movement work as a means of healing. i am inspired by the work of groups like moms stop the harm, the folks at healing justice, and rest for resilience showing us how liberation work can be healing.