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for when you need a little extra support




Consultation is an opportunity to get my feedback, input or advice on a specific issue that’s come up in your clinical practice or your business.



$150 per session


1 - 3 sessions


virtual meetings


areas of expertise

i have particular skill and expertise in the following areas:

Clinical Practice

  • anti-oppressive and feminist practice
  • complex and disenfranchised grief
  • trauma-informed trancework
  • impulse control disorders, including body-focused repetitive behaviours
  • supporting neurodivergent clients, including high-masking and late diagnosed presentations
  • clinical use of hypnosis in therapy

Business and Marketing

  • feminist business practices
  • technical writing and copy writing
  • intuitive business planning and development


“I’ve chosen to see Sarah for case consults over the span of my career, because I can always rely on her breadth of knowledge and commitment to professional development. She has an understanding of behaviour and neurodiversity that allows her to bring unique suggestions about working with clients that would stump most people. The perspectives she shares with me are always delivered in a feminist, anti-oppressive context with an emobodied understanding of gender and sexual diversity. I highly recommend putting your trust in Sarah and allowing her to support your practice growth as well.”


Cora Bilsker, RSW, Owner of Nested Heart Counselling

“the great healer archetype carries wisdom, goodness, knowing, caregiving, and all other things associated with a healer. so, it is good to be generous and kind and helpful like the great healer archetype. but only to a point. beyond that, it exerts a hindering influence on our lives. women’s ‘heal everything, fix everything’ compulsion is a major entrapment constructed by the requirements placed upon us by our own cultures, mainly pressures to prove that we are not just standing around taking up space and enjoying ourselves, but that we have redeemable value…”


Clarissa Pinkola Estés

ways to work together

you might consult with me if-

  • you want support with a specific problem you’re encountering in your clinical practice
  • you want my feedback on your treatment plan for a client
  • you’re feel unsure about the direction of your work, and you could use my guidance
  • you want me to give you feedback on a single page of your website
  • you’re curious about how to integrate feminist, anti-oppressive or disability justice principles into your work


The Queer Care Collective
888 Fort Street, 2nd Floor
Victoria, BC V8G 1H8

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