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1:1 therapy

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1:1 therapy

specializing in grief, feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, the complexities of collapse, and support for sensitive, neurodivergent types



$140 per session as of March 1, 2024


in person in "Victoria"


virtually in British Columbia, Ontario, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon

for counsellors and coaches. for bodyworkers. for therapists. for front line workers and non profit staff. for creatives. for community organizers. for change makers. for artists and activists. for clinicians and nurses. for witches,  midwives, and healers.

areas of specialty

i can support you with

grief and loss

complex and disenfranchised grief, eco grief, sudden and traumatic loss, including sudden death and overdose. anticipatory grief.

chronic illness and disability

chronic pain and fatigue, auto immune disorders, long COVID,  sudden onset disability and injury, surgery preparation and recovery


autism spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder

body focused repetitive behaviours

trichitillomania, dermatillomania, bruxism


panic attacks and disorder, eco anxiety, collapse anxiety

fears and phobias

fear of driving and flying, needle phobia, choking phobia


isomnia, chronic or recurrent nightmares

pre-natal hypnosis

fears and anxieties related to birthing, previous birth trauma, preparing for VBAC or cesaeran

“the most important thing each of us can know is our unique gift and how to use it in the world. individuality is cherished and nurtured, because, in order for the whole to flourish, each of us has to be strong in who we are and carry our gifts with conviction, so they can be shared with others.” 

robin wall kimmerer

my approach to


my approach to therapy is informed by my lived experiences as someone who is neuroqueer and my background in non profit work. i’ve spent nearly 2 decades supporting a diverse range of folks, but primarily  doing harm reduction work with the street community in so-called ‘Victoria.’ you can read more about my professional qualifications and background here. 

i bring a feminist, anti-oppressive lens to my work that is firmly grounded in the principles of disability justice. i’m also collapse-oriented and climate aware. i am always looking at the connections between what’s going on in the greater ecosystem and how we function and adapt collectively and individually. i don’t think our health or well being can be separated from the systems that we exist in. truthfully, i believe that any therapeutic work that fails to take social determinants of health into account is likely to be ineffective at best and downright harmful to us at worst. 

my work is experiential, embodied, and intuitive. what this means for therapy is that we’ll spend a lot of time together learning and practising new tools and skills that you can immediately apply in your daily life. my hope is for you to leave therapy feeling resilient and better resourced to handle the inevitable stress that comes with life under late-stage capitalism. 

seeing ourselves as part of an ecosystem and being empowered with the knowledge of how our animal bodies work has the potential to liberate our imaginations from the narratives that would have us believe that we aren’t capable of changing ourselves or the world around us. 

this often involves a great deal of grief work and an exploration of what it means to live in ways that are aligned with our values while navigating collapse times. it’s important to me that we hold space for the both/and: clarifying the practical things can be done right now, while holding space for the parts that don’t have clear answers or easy solutions.

if this sounds like it could be a fit for you at this time, you’re welcome to book an initial meeting with me at no cost. this initial meeting is an opportunity for you to ask me questions and get a sense of my therapeutic style and personality before we begin working together. 


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • “parts” work
  • mindfulness
  • exposure therapy


  • Inner Relationship Focusing
  • somatic attachment therapy
  • polyvagal exercises


  • ancestral connection
  • spiritual integration


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