liberate your imagination


show up more fully in your work without losing heart



1:1 mentoring

you deserve to be held and supported with the depth of care you offer to your clients. 

mentoring is a longer container in which to explore your relationship to carework and implement embodied rhythms and intuitive rituals so you can show up fully in your work without burning out. personalized support to grow and expand your business while staying true to your values.

For careworkers with an active caseload, working within Canada.


$150 per session


3 month comittment


virtual meetings


ongoing support

“the great healer archetype carries wisdom, goodness, knowing, caregiving, and all other things associated with a healer. so, it is good to be generous and kind and helpful like the great healer archetype. but only to a point. beyond that, it exerts a hindering influence on our lives. women’s ‘heal everything, fix everything’ compulsion is a major entrapment constructed by the requirements placed upon us by our own cultures, mainly pressures to prove that we are not just standing around taking up space and enjoying ourselves, but that we have redeemable value…”

Clarissa pinkola Estés

we might be a good fit if

this sounds like you –

  • you love working with your clients, but struggle to imagine yourself as a business owner
  • you came to this work with passion and drive, but lately you’ve felt overwhelmed, exhausted or even burnt out
  • you worry that your sense of self worth is enmeshed with what you can provide to others
  • you feel like you’d benefit from some guidance to take your skills to the next level
  • you’re transitioning to private practice and miss the support of working with a team
  • you want your values to shine through your offerings
  • you know your work is important, but you feel nervous about increased visibility or taking up space
  • you know you would benefit from implementing routines, rhythm, and rituals to support your well being
  • you desire specific, individualized feedback and critique on your work
  • you’re spiritual or intuitive but you’re unsure of how to bring these aspects of yourself into your work
  • you’re seeking a mentor who has been in the non profit and community organizing realm and ‘gets it’

why you might choose


you deserve to build a business that is sustainable and thriving, where your values shine through your offerings and your depth of experience is reflected in everything you share.

you deserve the depth of care and support you offer to your clients.

i dream of a world where carework is recognized and celebrated. where carework is understood as essential, necessary, and important.

where i live, in North America, we live inside of a an overculture that doesn’t value carework.

a culture where things like the labour of parenting, providing emotional support, caring for elders, the disabled, the sick and the dying, is hidden away and privatized. more often than not this work is unpaid or poorly compensated. even within our supposedly radical activist spaces, the work of childcare, or preparing meals, of lending a compassionate ear, is often seen as less important than other forms of activism like direct action or organizing.

so of course, when we are so deeply embedded within this culture that we can’t even see the work that we’re doing as labour we struggle to imagine ourselves as holding power or providing something of value. 

and yet, without this ongoing invisibilized work force, the day to day machinations of capitalism would grind to a halt. it’s important to recognize that this erasure of feminized forms of labour isn’t an accident. in fact, this erasure, this devaluation of domestic labour and carework was actually necessary in order for the widespread advancement of capitalism to occur.

our current system is built on the unpaid labour of millions of parents who support the development of the next generation of workers. on women who do a double shift of parenting while caring for their aging parents. on folks who  provide support throughout their communities and work places.

so when we choose to provide this labour for money, we generally expect and accept that it won’t be lucrative. that it will be thankless. that we won’t be seen or recognized for our work. that’s just the nature of the job, we say.

and so it makes sense that when we decide to transition from doing this work for other people, leaving behind the non profit industrial complex or working for the government to do our own thing we don’t think of ourselves as business owners

and what happens when we don’t recognize our own power, when we downplay our skills and th services provide? 

we undercharge. we don’t hold our boundaries. we don’t advocate for our work. we feel uncomfortable selling or promoting our services because we’ve conflated commerce with the exploitative labour practices of capitalism. 

we’re so used to being unseen, underpaid, and overworked that we carry these patterns into our business. 

and, because so many of us entangle our identities and sense of self with what we’re able to provide to others, when we burn out, when our businesses aren’t busy and thriving, we think it’s a personal failing

 i’d love to support you in creating offerings that reflect your values, and a work-life balance that supports your well being.

after 15 years in non-profit, i had a lot of unlearning to do when i transitioned into private practice.

i’d love to share with you what i’ve learned, both as a clinician and as a business owner who’s committed to doing things differently.

with a mentor, it’s all up for exploration. the work you’re doing, the business you’re creating, and your relationship to all of it. and, instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, you get ongoing, consistent support, feedback, and guidance. you get to ask me questions and learn from all the training and work experience i’ve gathered up over the past two decades.

if this sounds like it could be a fit for you, schedule a discovery call and we’ll get started together. 


the details

we meet bi-weekly, for a season. somewhere around 3 months. this provides us enough time to dig deep into the work and support you in making changes. between sessions, i am available by email and voice notes.

we meet virtually, so you can join the calls from anywhere. at this time, i am able to provide mentoring to folks who reside in Canada most of the time.

the container

we’ll start by identifying the values that will guide our work and setting goals to help you get the most out of our time together. together, we’ll work experientially to create a solid foundation for your business and your body of work. this isn’t just business coaching or help with your marketing copy (although we’ll definitely do some of that). we’re also going to dig deep into your relationship to the work, finding the places where you can untangle the limiting beliefs and cultural narratives that are keeping you from creating your best work.


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