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like waves

like waves

thank you to the gentle souls who have joined me for the first two guided meditation groups. in september, we explored the impact of trauma on the body, and using visualization, learned how we can create our own inner sanctuary. last week, in preparation for the shortening days, we learned why seasonal depression or melancholy may have been advantageous to our ancestors, and asked ourselves what water might have to teach us about dealing with difficult emotions directly. together we practiced breathwork and the processing of emotions in the body.

here’s an excerpt from this past week’s session:

what lessons does water hold for us about change?

about growth?

about movement?

what would it be like to be like waves in relationship?
to listen to the rhythm and pulse of our bodies before responding with our words?
to recognize the relationship we create together at any given time and place

notice how it feels to be water, to be in a body, to be fluid, changing

to be adaptable but resilient
strong when necessary,
soft, flowing and gentle

to be able to hold the capacity to be both a force of destruction
and a slow, gentle, wearing down over time

to be able to give life
to heal
to cleanse
to wash away
to let go

what could it mean to be like water?
water reminds us that there are many ways to create change

that we can find balance
that we can move at our own speed

water reminds us that what is on the surface is not always what is underneath
even when it appears calm
there can be strong currents below

water invites us to explore the deeper tides
to venture into the darkness and the depths
to explore our core desires
old wounds or unspoken truths

continuing to move with the seasons, november’s theme will be reflect and release. think of it as the opposite of setting goals. rather than look ahead, we will use this time together to reflect on the lessons we learned in 2018, and ask, what are we no longer willing to tolerate? what didn’t work for us this year? what did we learn we are ready to let go of this year? what are we ready to leave behind, so that we may create space for something different in its place?

we will be meeting on tuesday, november 27, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. please use the form linked in the groups page, or send me a message to let me know you’ll be joining us.