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smoking cessation: your first session

smoking cessation: your first session

thanks to years of one-size-fits-all hypnosis audio recordings, there seems to be a lingering misconception about hypnotherapy that treatment will involve you laying back in a big comfy chair while the therapist says things like ‘you are now a non-smoker…” and “you have no desire to smoke…”  unfortunately, people operating under this myth seem to think one of two things – that quitting smoking with hypnotherapy will be effortless, or, that the whole thing is a sham.

the reality of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is much less dramatic, but i think, far more interesting. your treatment plan for smoking cessation with hypnosis may include :

  • mindfulness practice to become more aware of your feelings and internal states
  • learning what your triggers are
  • creating healthier habits to cope with stress or boredom
  • understanding the subconscious association you have with smoking
  • reducing or eliminating cravings
  • visualizing your new life as a non-smoker

another piece of this myth that deserves addressing is that the hypnotherapist will be reading from a script, or in some way using the exact same suggestions or program on every client. while there may be similar elements or exercises that are useful for most clients who want to quit smoking, part of what makes hypnotherapy so effective is that the sessions are highly individualized, and make use of your own motivation and goals as part of the treatment.

after all, you want to quit smoking, but there are a lot of reasons you’ve decided to quit now, right?

during your first session, we’ll do a thorough intake and discuss

  • your first cigarette and why you started smoking in the first place
  • reasons for continuing to smoke and the barriers that make it hard to quit
  • your motivation for quitting, and any previous attempts to quit

we’ll work together to identify the best course of action for you and create a treatment plan together. you’ll decide when you’re ready to quit, and when you’re done with therapy. it typically takes 4 – 6 sessions for someone to quit smoking entirely, and many clients find a follow up session a few weeks or months later can be helpful for long term success.

it may not be effortless, but you can quit smoking for good.

you don’t need to quit before you come to therapy, and you don’t need to pick a quit date or place unnecessary pressure on yourself. even if you are just contemplating quitting, i can help you decide whether now is the right time to quit and if you have appropriate supports in place in your life to be able to do so.

are you ready to take the first step?

book your 30 minute consultation in person or by phone to find out if we’re a good fit, and if hypnosis for smoking cessation is right for you. there’s no obligation and the consultation is completely free.

this is the first in a series of posts in which i’ll be exploring the use of hypnosis for smoking cessation. the next post in the series will explore current research on hypnotherapy. enter your email below to subscribe to future posts – don’t worry, i don’t send newsletters or anything by email, you’ll only receive an update when a new post is made on this site.


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