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welcome fall 2018

welcome fall 2018

if you’ve found your way here from facebook, then you may have already read that i am planning to post content there less and less, so please check in here for the most current updates to my practice. i realized this year that i need to spend less time on social media (particularly, reading copious amounts of news on facebook, at all hours of the day), and i am less interested in creating content for a tech giant’s platform for free, especially now that most content from business pages is only seen when it’s paid for. 

i will instead be freely sharing curated resources on this site, including local and national support groups, articles, and links to movement work that i have either been directly involved in, or feel comfortable recommending. 

i continue to be regularly available for 1:1 counselling two evenings per week (tuesdays + wednesdays) hypnotherapy sessions. if neither of these days work for you, please contact me directly as i have some availability saturday – monday and am happy to find something that works for us both. my summer was slow and restful, so i am currently accepting new clients on an ongoing basis, with no wait time.

i am thrilled to announce the expansion of my offerings to include guided meditation groups. since february of this year i have had the privilege of offering a weekly guided meditation group in a local low-barrier residential treatment program, and have realized how much i enjoy providing this service. i am available to provide this work to other non profits or community groups, and would love to hear from you if you think we’d be a good fit.

based on what i have learned from this experience, i will be offering a similar style of group to the public, every month, in a drop in, pay what you can format. it is important to me that my work is accessible, both financially but also in offering different ways of receiving my work. i have found that conducting trance work in a group setting offers a beautiful container to unleash our collective imagination, and helps create an additional sense of safety for participants. each month will focus on a different theme, and include breathwork as well as somatic exercises. my work is trauma informed through both my study and my own experiences of living with ptsd, and what i have learned in therapy and through trauma recovery. if you have any concerns about your suitability for this group, please do not hesitate to contact me.

the first group will run on thursday, september 27 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the horizon centre, and will focus on the theme of safety. we will explore what it means to create a sense of safety within ourselves, as well as explore ways of finding or creating safety when we are unable to feel safe in our bodies. please see the groups section of this site for further information and to register.

IDEAS group has continue through the summer with john continuing to facilitate and welcomed back cora. i have been taking a break from facilitation, but will be attending the upcoming meeting, on september 21 at the fisgard street forum, a lovely little community based accessible event venue. 

you may have noticed some updates to this website! i was fortunate to be win a gifted spot in kelly diel’s ‘feminist fix for your about page’ copywriting course, and have updated the site with more about the work that i do, so you can get a clearer sense of whether or not we are good fit for each other before you book a consultation. i am a huge fan of kelly’s work on the female lifestyle empowerment brand and look forward to reading her sunday love letters each week. if you are at all interested in the modern intersections of feminism and capitalism i highly suggest checking out her large body of work. she also has a book coming up soon. but i digress. 

i have also added a shop page and you can now find all of my original artwork that is available for sale directly from me. i am working on additional products (meditations + workbooks) that will be added to the shop as well.

thanks for being here with me.