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practice update june 2021: return to in-person services

practice update june 2021: return to in-person services

i am excited to share that i will be receiving my second dose of vaccine the first week of July, and with that, i will begin to welcome clients back to my office for in-person counselling services starting the week of July 20, 2021.

there will be COVID protocols in place, including a pre-screening questionnaire for all in-person services, physical distancing, and continued use of masks. for clients who have received 2 doses of vaccine and are 14 days past the date of their second dose, we can explore whether or not having sessions without masks feels comfortable for you. 

for some clients, online services may still be the most appropriate method of service delivery at this time. this may include: clients who are living with chronic illness and are concerned about their immune response to the vaccine; clients who have chosen not to receive vaccine at this time; clients who have recently travelled out of ‘Canada,’ and/or clients who have been a close contact of someone recently diagnosed with COVID-19. 

for some folks meeting online is simply more accessible: it fits more easily into your schedule, allows you to remain in the comfort of your home, and reduces the need to travel to an office. as i have done in the past, i will always continue to offer online sessions for any clients who would prefer to work this way. 

i would like to extend sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of my clients who have been so flexible and supportive in the transition to online services over this past year. many of my private practice clients are likely not aware that i also provide services within a low-barrier treatment centre. in making decisions early on in the pandemic, i chose to continue to provide face-to-face services to those folks for whom online counselling would not be possible and asked my private practice clients to make the switch to online services; i felt that doing both would create more risk than i was willing to accept for my clients. while it has no doubt been a difficult year for all of us, there are significant disparities in how each of us has been impacted by this (and other ongoing) public health crises.

i am grateful that i have been able to continue to provide support to all of my clients throughout this past year and a half, and i am so looking forward to when we can be together in person again. i am also excited to share that i have moved into a larger office that provides more room for physical distancing.

if you have not yet been to my office, i am located at Evergreen Business Services at 550 – 2950 Douglas Street, which is a fully accessible space: there is an elevator, comfortable seating in the waiting area, and all-gender washrooms. Evergreen is conveniently located along major bus routes and there is 2 hour free parking available.

please feel free to reach out with any questions, or feedback about how i can make the transition to in-person services easier for you. 

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